Welcome to the website of Machinery engineering and applied mechanics department

Department of Machinery engineering and applied mechanics- one of the oldest departments of the University. Department trains specialists in field of tools and machinery equipment design, engineering technology and automated production, methods and tools of machine parts treatment.

Graduates of Mechanical engineering and applied mechanics department have a high basic training and deep knowledge of CAD, CAM, CAE.

Three professors and eleven assistant professors work at the department.

Currently, the department provides training of higher education applicants by 1, 2 levels of educational activities in field:

131 “Applied Mechanics”

133 «Branch engineering» with specializations:

  •  Metal-cutting machines and systems;
  •  Instrumental production;
  •  Electronics industry equipment;
  •  Equipment for pharmaceutical and biotech industries;

By 3 level of educational and research activities by specialty 131 “Applied Mechanics”.

Main directions of scientific research:

– Optimization of machine systems by CAD integration;

– Improvement of special technological equipment automatic drives;

– Improvement of vibration treatment efficiency and development of new technologies for materials processing in engineering