History of the department

Department of ” Machinery engineering and applied mechanics” was founded in 1963 by order of the Minister of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Department of metal cutting and machine tool), the last name of department was awarded by rector of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University on April 27, 2015 № 69/01.

The first head of department was Mogil’nyj Nikolaj Ivanovich (subsequently Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor).


Doctor of technical sciences, professor Mogil'nyj N.I. Head of department 1963 – 1974

Doctor of technical sciences, professor Mogil’nyj N.I.
Head of department
1963 – 1974

Mogil’nyj N.I. – graduate of the university, who previously worked on the diesel locomotive plant and the his career started from tool master, later he will be head of a large machine design department by mechanization and automation of production. In those years, the department includes machine tools laboratory and office with existing manuals by theory of metal cutting, metal cutting tools and instruments.

On foundation day property of department was three tables and seven old machine tools, there was not even a typewriter. Teachers placed in a single 18 square meters room on Frunze Street, 110. During the organization on department worked associate professors N.N. Kaptsov and D.K. Glebko; senior teachers V.H. Sidorov and I.P. Karnauhov; assistants N.A. Kuvichka, N.V. Ivankova; head of laboratory of D.S. Bondarenko; training masters G.I. Makarov (later transferred to assistants), A.V. Botvinyev, V.P. Babtsov, J.V. Aliferov, N.S. Skudniy, G.A. Kovalev. secretary of department was L.G. Polyantseva.

In 1964 graduated first mechanical engineers from full-time department, and in 1965 from distance and evening departments. For remarkable results in scientific researches the staff of department awarded diploma of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (USSR 1967). Since 1965, name of department “Metal-cutting tools and instruments.”

At this time research work aimed on creation and implementation of new technological processes and automated lathe tools. Results of research work are successfully introduced in a number of industrial enterprises. In the beginning of 70s of highly skilled production specialists came to department: Ph.D., associate professors E.U. Zarubitsky, Z.I. Komissarova, V.N. Kiselev, N.P. Gnedov, S.I. Stoyanchenko.

In 1971 two-story was transferred to Department. Modern machine-tools, equipment and instruments were purchased on department, became possible to create a new laboratory for full educational process. Soon there were NC machine tools and the first computers

Heyday of research work starts in 70s. It should be noted that the volume of contractual work at department was developed from 350 thousand. rub. in 1969 to 3.5 million. rub. in 1974.

From 1974 to 1985 department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Vjacheslav Nikolaevich Kiselev.


Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Kiselev V.N. Head of department 1974 – 1985

Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Kiselev V.N.
Head of department
1974 – 1985

In those years scientific achievements gained recognition and implementation. In 1983, for development of new models of lathe tools engineer I.V. Kochetov awarded the Gold medal of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy, associate professor N.I. Mogil’nyj – Silver medal, the engineer E.L. Freger and associate professor V.M. Moiseev – Bronze medals.

Machine tool for the thermal – friction treatment created in the laboratory of “Hard metals” demonstrated at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (USSR). Supervisor of this development, associate professor E.U. Zarubitsky, was awarded a silver medal and a team of engineers and teachers bronze medals.

In general, department of materials processing, machine tools and instruments 8 times took part in Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (USSR). For the results of researches members of department were awarded 26 gold, silver and bronze medals of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (USSR).

In Soviet Union was very popular book “Machinery engineer” (Stanochniku mashinostroitelju), issued by V.N. Kiselev and N.I. Mogil’nyj in 1977, 2nd edition, revised and supplemented was released in 1984.

During these years, teachers and students of department build academic buildings, canteen, sport complex, library. Talented manager of student brigades was senior lecturer A.P. Konskyj, which is marked by government awards.


Teachers and staff of department, 1972

Teachers and staff of department, 1972

From 1985 to 1990 head of department was Ph.D., associate professor Gennadij L’vovich Hmelovskij.

к. т. н., доц. Хмеловский Г. Л. заведующий кафедрой 1985-1990 гг

Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Hmelovskij G.L.
Head of department

Researches of department namely lathe tools and tools for thermal – friction processing regularly shown at international exhibitions and fairs since 1987. A considerable amount of researches are marked with diplomas and prizes.


In 1988, for the first time at the faculty (in that time Mechanical Faculty), N.I. Mogil’nyj and E.U. Zarubitsky became doctors of technical sciences.

From 1990 to 2000 department was headed by doctor of technical sciences, professor Evgenij Ul’janovich Zarubickij.

д. т. н., проф. Зарубицкий Е. У. Заведующий кафедрой 1990-2000 г.

Doctor of technical sciences, professor Zarubickij E.U.
Head of department

He paid great attention to research work of young students and post-graduate students, development and improvement of department’s technical base, an increase of pedagogical skill of teachers.

In 1992 textbook “Automated production machine equipment” (Stanochnoe oborudovanie avtomatizirovannogo proizvodstva) prepared on department was published on Russian and Ukrainian languages (author V.N. Kiselev).

During this period, teachers of department defend dissertations V.M. Plakhotnik, T.P. Kostina, O.S. Krol, L.D. Melkonov, N.I. Pokintelitsa, I.G. Deineka. For achievements in teaching and research work of doctor of technical sciences, professor E.U. Zarubickij awarded the title “Honorable Professor of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University”, 2000.

From 2000 to 2009 department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Nikolaj Ivanovich Pokintelica (in 2013 he defended doctoral dissertation at NTU “KPI”).


Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Pokintelica N.I. Head of department 2000-2009 г.г.

Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Pokintelica N.I.
Head of department
2000-2009 г.г.

In addition to the specialties “Metal-cutting tools and systems” and “Tool production”, which provides training of specialists, in 2000 a specialty “Processing and food production equipment” was opened on department, and in 2001 the “Light industrial and consumer services equipment”.

This became the basis for creation of a new department at the university “Light and food industry.”

In 2005, department signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with Russian science and technology center “Computer-aided design of machines” (Korolev, Russia) – leading developer of integrated computer-aided design (CAD) and introduced a comprehensive use of CAD in learning process.in particular, the software package APM WinMachine, which includes parametric drawing editor, information and graphics database, electronic textbook, engineering calculations modules, tools for calculation of stress-strain state of finite element, analysis tools of dynamic state of mechanical structures and their stability.

Edited by professor O.S. Krol began to publish the first scientific manuals for designing machine tools and systems with CAD APM WinMachine.

In 2009, doctor of technical sciences, professor Sokolov Vladimir Il’ich was appointed on post of head of department.


Doctor of technical sciences, professor Sokolov V.I. Head of department since 2009

Doctor of technical sciences, professor Sokolov V.I.
Head of department
since 2009

At this time group of young scientists, who successfully defended PhD by scientific specialty “Machining processes, machine tools and instruments” A.P. Nikolaenko, T.A. Shumakova, G.L. Melkonov and later A.V. Romanchenko comes to department. Together with associate professor A.V. Micyk they form the backbone of the new generation of vibration treatment scientific school that gains wide acceptance in Ukraine. Under the guidance of assistant professors l.D. Melkonov, G.L. Melkonov a new development received research by optimization and software implementation of hard materials cutting. Active research take place in the field of improvement of automatic electrohydraulic drives of special technological equipment (T.Y. Tavanyuk, N.G. Azarenko). In 2014 T.Y. Tavanyuk defended dissertation by specialty “Automation of management processes.”

Under the guidance of professors V.I. Sokolov, O.S. Krol state and contract research projects performed at the department. The Department annually reports on the international scientific conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

Since 2010/2011 academic year, the department organized courses of bachelors and masters for foreign students in english language that became possible thanks to work of professor J.A. Harlamov and associate professor A.P. Nikolaenko.

Among the graduates of department representatives of many countries, including Bulgaria, Cuba, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Libya, Eretria, Nigeria, India, Kuwait, Jordan and others.


Teachers and staff of department, 2011

Teachers and staff of department, 2011

In 2011, department published first textbook approved by the Ministry of education and Science of Ukraine “Design of metal cutting tools in APM WinMachine” (Proektuvannja metalorizal’nyh verstativ u seredovyshhi APM WinMachine), (authors O.S. Krol, S.V. Shevchenko, V.I. Sokolov), and also produces the publication of this textbook in russian language (2012).

In 2012, a student from group MR-371 J.I. Burlakov became winner of the international scientific-technical conference “Innovative engineering trends in industry and transport” (Sevastopol, 2012). His work has won the X International competition “3D-modeling future aces” in category “up to 200 parts in an assembly” held by group of companies “ASCON” (2012, Moscow). In 2014, two students became silver and bronze medalist XII International competition “3D-modeling future aces”, which was held in St. Petersburg (supervisor prof. O.S. Krol).

Project of multioperational machine tool SVM1PF4 by student I.A. Sukhorutchenko won the silver medal in the most prestigious competition of the “heavy” weight category – “more than 1,000 parts in an assembly”. The project is recognized as an outstanding achievement in the field of 3D-modeling.

Project six spindle machine model SF16MF3 by student V.V. Zhuravlev won a bronze medal in the “average” weight category – “up to 1,000 parts in an assembly”. His project is recognized as the most interesting in terms of the maximum use of KOMPAS application libraries and rendering tools.


Young masters, 2012

Young masters, 2012

Students of department actively participate in the annual International and Ukrainian scientific conferences, contests and competitions, which repeatedly became winners.

In connection with difficult political situation in the east of Ukraine, since the beginning of 2014/2015 academic year together with the University the department continued its research and educational activities in Severodonetsk.


Teachers and staff of department, 2014

Currently, the department provides training of higher education applicants by the 1st and 2nd levels of educational activity by specialty 131 – Applied Mechanics and 133 – Industrial Engineering with specializations: metal–cutting machine tools and systems; tool production; electronic industry equipment; equipment for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries; by the 3rd level of educational and scientific activity by specialty 131 – Applied Mechanics.
Basic discipline that teaches department: theoretical mechanics; mechanics of a deformable solid body; theory of mechanisms and machines; machine parts and fundamentals of design; engineering technology; theoretical foundations of heat engineering; hydraulics, hydraulic machines and hydropneumatic drives; cutting theory; cutting tool; theory of automatic control of technological systems; metal – cutting machine tools and systems; programming of CNC machine tools; tool production; mechatronics; equipment of pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries; optimization methods of technological systems, etc.



Meeting of machinery engineering and applied mechanics department, summer 2016

Main directions of scientific research of department: optimization of machine tools systems by CAD integration; improvement of automatic drives of special technological equipment; improvement of vibration treatment efficiency and development of new technologies for materials processing in engineering
Since 2016/2017 name of department is «Machinery engineering and applied mechanics» and on beginning of 2017, department includes the following teachers and staff: Head of department, professor, doctor of technical sciences V.I. Sokolov, professor, doctor of technical sciences Y.A. Kharlamov, professor, Ph.D. O.S. Krol, associate professor, Ph.D. A.V. Mitsyk ., associate professor, Ph.D. A. P. Nikolaenko, associate professor, Ph.D. T.A. Shumakova, associate professor, Ph.D. G.L. Melkonov, associate professor, Ph.D. A.V. Romanchenko, associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Ph.D. N.G. Chernikov, associate professor, Ph.D. N.P. Logunov, associate professor, Ph.D. A.N. Logunov, senior lecturer I.D. Chernikova, senior engineer E.V. Brasslavskaya, senior assistant A.A. Barysh.
Department of Machinery engineering and applied mechanics celebrates the 100th anniversary of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University in third place at the university ranking.
This convincingly testifies to the high level of scientific and educational activity, achievements in development of material and technical base and fruitful cooperation with international scientific and charitable organizations, and also gives confidence in the further development of team and its contribution to restoration of the university.
More information about the department can be found on its website mpm.snu.edu.ua